How Much Money is Internet Piracy Taking Out of Your Pocket?

The internet is a “Wild West” marketplace. The bad guys ride out of the digital Badlands, steal your e-course or info product from your website and take off for parts unknown. If you find out who they are and report them to Google, they’ll set up another website. If you send them a takedown request, they’re probably in a foreign country and laugh at you. You need a takedown czar who can do a “John Wayne” on them for you. Asking these digital thieves nicely to please stop selling your info product won’t accomplish anything.

Info Products is a Small Niche Industry

The creation and sale of info products is a booming, but young niche industry. In most cases, these are very small businesses, operated by a few individuals and with annual revenues of $1 million or less. If they were running a more typical business from a brick-and-mortar building on Main St. and a thief broke in during the night, they’d call 911 and get help. On the internet, these entrepreneurs don’t realize how much is being stolen from them.

Internet Piracy is Everywhere

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Illegal downloads of music and movies aren’t even recognized as a crime by many people. The same applies to other pirated intellectual property. People who would never steal from a store or even walk out of a restaurant without paying for their meal somehow turn a blind eye to internet thefts.

Online courses are no different in essence than courses held in a classroom. Pirated info products are owned by the person who is selling them just as any shopkeeper owns the products in their store. Being online doesn’t stop a theft from being a theft. The primary difference between physical and digital products is the difficulty in protecting digital products.

How Much is Piracy Costing You?

The dmca takedown czar offers a free Strategy Report that includes:

A detailed analysis revealing where stolen content is being sold unlawfully

A breakdown of critical infringements which are directly impacting sales

A detailed action plan for the permanent reduction of internet piracy

A service portfolio and individual quote

The DMCA Takedown Czar understands the piracy challenges faced by vendors of info products and eLearning. They work to ensure that the only place your work is sold is on your website. They provide a strategic approach and measurable results. Review the testimonials and then request a free consultation.

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